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There is a great team behind every great project. And that is why we’re here, professionals  but also friends united by passion for user experience, perfect pixels and good music, to make the best out of our collaboration.


CEO and Product Manager

A solution visionary who knows how to make any web project a success. An expert in web product and scrum project management. An analyst and a UX expert with enthusiasm for creating user-friendly interfaces. An amateur pilot, a poker fan and an adventure-seeker.

Development Team Lead

A perfectionist with strong leadership skills and a feel for good design. Over 12 years’ experience in web development and team management. Deep expertise in a full range of web development technologies. A photographer and a dance-floor guru in between.

Software Engineer

Experienced developer with profound background of the full-range web technology stack. Excellent skills in front-end technologies, server solutions and frameworks. A breakboy, a surfer and a traveller with a Rubic's cube in his pocket.

Business Analyst / UX Researcher

An ambitious business analyst who develops complicated user-friendly interfaces. Analyses users with handmade algorithms. Axure is the mainstay of her work, and Jef Raskin’s book is her guidebook. A fan of blues dance, post crossing and board games.

Interface Designer

A mind blowing mix of design skills and creative mind. Can re-arrange chaos and build clear design. Does fantastic things in Photoshop and Illustrator. Knows motion graphics and animation. A clubbist and an electronic music moving spirit.

Client Relations Manager

An experienced account manager, a marketing expert and a business development guru all in one. Strives for perfection and quality in her work. A lover of personal growth, a healthy lifestyle follower, and for sure the coolest mom.

UX Researcher / Business Analyst

User experience researcher proficient in information architecture and interaction design. Knows HTML и CSS. He is keen on typography. Loves to compose and dreams to take pictures of house-tops.

UI Designer

A designer with extensive knowledge of brand identities, typography, print design and colours. Her strength is obsession with details and style. Her mainstream is UI design and illustration. In love with conceptual art and fixed bikes.

Software Engineer

A developer with 3 years of experience and a good knowledge of Java, Groovy, JavaScript and SQL languages. Excellent knowledge of back-end technologies. Always eager to improve his skills. Loves swimming and jogging.

QA and Testing Engineer

A young QA specialist with over 2 years of experience and knowledge of both development flow and software testing. Always tries to burnish his projects and come up to client's expectations. Local Keanu Reeves. Keen on high tech and chess.

Web developer

Multi-functional frond- and back-end inventor: from creating layouts and developing business logic to engineering the architecture. His smile shines bright all day long while he is discovering another smart code. Music lover.  


Young layout designer with profound knowledge in html, css and adaptive coding. Expresses himself through symbols and food. We’re still not sure who loves cookies more - Montmorency or Sergey. 

Dog "Montmorency"

Our companion. An office friendly guard and а sleepyhead at the same time. A lover of cookies and tennis balls.



Yeah, it can be you. We are always eager to welcome new talented members to our team. 

Join Us or simply send us your CV at hello@jazzpixels.com


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Our work has always been inspired by passion for user behaviour, design and code. We put heart into each our project to make it a success.
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If you feel like being a part of UX or development process, create great products and have fun in between - let's do it together!
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