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Web interface development for TaxiStartup

The startup team ‘Multibrains’ addressed to us to put a part of their complex software used to manage taxi company and taxi park into action.

We were not limited to the task to implement user interface. So we proposed to simplify workflows and reduce the complexity of the business processes for participants: manager, taxi driver and passengers. We have expanded their task and were pleasantly surprised with the result.

The aim of the project

Is to develop and to program a handy interface of dispatcher’s supervision board and to develop a handy mobile app interface for a passenger and a mobile app for the driver.

What was done?

  • Analysis of target audience of users, analysis of existing solutions
  • Building of concepts of interaction between users of the system;
  • Development of prototypes display screens;
  • Development of design;
  • Programming front-end of client manager;
  • API development for communication of front-end of client taxi dispatcher with the application server.

Details about the implementation


We have analyzed and reviewed the existing approach to processing orders. We found out that it is possible to identify 9 main phases of the life cycle of an order: from creation to archiving. It became clear the whole process can be automated that will help to shift part of the dispatcher’s duties.

We offered to share all orders into 3 groups: the order is processing, the archive orders, orders with a problem. So dispatcher need only to add new orders and process problematic orders if such occur. We also left the ability to add orders manually.


We proposed to implement the panel controller so that all the necessary functionality fits on one app screen. To make clear for the dispatcher where he should look at and what he should do when the problem is found , at this stage, we minimized the number of controls and left only necessary.


We have chose a restful colour palette to allow a user work comfortably with the panel for a long period of time.

TaxiStartup design


The most interesting stage of the project is development. We have developed the application programming interface for the dispatcher’s panel. You can control the panel using the double regime. On the one hand it is a relation ‘client-dispatcher’, on the other hand it is ‘server-app’.

Client-dispatcher are enable to use the real-time software to manage the orders and at the same time server-app fully controls the data which is used by the client. We designed the dispatcher’s panel using HTML5 and CSS3 (featured faces) and created Javascript class which controls the panel. So, the interaction between the dispatcher’s panel and the server was done by a definite API. We foresaw the full keyboard usability.

This dispatcher panel can be scaled to other business processes, such as logistics systems or vehicle tracking systems.

Fancy a similar interface? Please let us know.

Order interface development