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UI design

We are Jazz Pixels - a results-driven user interface design agency with focus on user experience architecture and UI design for websites, cross-platform web and mobile solutions.

With a talented and competent team on board, we build out of the box interfaces, planning every detail of our design process from the ground up. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures you get an exquisitely crafted design to showcase your brand.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface is a backbone of every product.

User Interface Development

How much time do you need to find a necessary feature in an application: a minute or more? How often do you feel that you are trapped in the blind maze with no way to walk out a winner? We cannot break the walls down, but we can help you find the way out.

Well-designed interface is not a thing that catches the eye, but that you don’t notice

Good design makes a successful solution. It is much less important what product you offer: a website, an app or a web service. Interface should be crafted in such a way that users can easily navigate it.

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[screenshot] Control panel for Novacom web portals

Our UI Design Process

Research & Analytics

Analytics is a core principle of successful design. It requires creativity, expertise, attention to details and the ability to work with various types of data. At the research stage, our goal is to collect and analyze data about your target users and their ways of interaction with the product as well as to define main purposes and capacities of your application.

User Experience Optimization

With all necessary data at hand, we take actions to improve user experience of your app, making it intuitive and easy-to-use. As a result, we minimize unnecessary actions and provide a reasonable approach to user experience with the end product.

User Interface Prototype Development

Prototyping is the best way to evaluate our analysis results and keep your application efficient and user-friendly. It is a kind of a test drive that enables to reveal flaws and make changes to design concepts at an early development stage.

[screenshot] Control panel for order management

Interface Design Development

We consider design to be a powerful tool to create enjoyable interface. Using colors, fonts and animations, we highlight important interface elements and turn routine tasks into pleasurable pastime. With our vast expertise and sense of aesthetics, we will give your app design an individualistic feel.

Front-end Development

Front-end development, or client-side programming, is a crucial stage in building interactive user interfaces. In our technologically sophisticated society, users interact with the solution via multiple devices: mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops and TV sets. That is why it is important to craft design in a way that everyone can use your app without lag and bugs.

Web page can be powerful yet delightful

Our team has strong expertise in front-end development for various devices and knows how to improve layout performance. We can develop functionality by writing a code in pure HTML, CSS and JS or using modern frameworks and libraries such as meteor JS, Angular JS, React and Jquery. Animation and visual design is a core part of our user interface design services, as it makes digital environments more engaging to interact with. If you want to have your layout integrated in application server side, all you need is to provide us with clear-cut specifications.

Interface Testing

Diligence and attention to details are at our heart. We enjoy dealing with user-friendly apps and are committed to creating them for our clients. Testing is an essential step of our work, as we can review your interface to perform tasks in a handy manner. As we implement cross browser testing, we make sure your interface runs smoothly and is available to all users.

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