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Web applications are now at their height. It can be mostly explained by their operation principles. Here we mean cross-platformity, small infrastructure development costs, and advantages of the Internet as a gateway to web apps from around the world.

Web apps are perfectly suited for a wide range of business tasks

Web application development services usually imply an idea to implement a concept, delicately handle an issue and develop a successful software product.

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Our mission is to understand your goals and put them into action. We are a team of skilled analysts with a sense of aesthetics who realize the role of each component for the functionality of the entire system.

Need to develop a web app?
You’ve found the right team!

We took part in startup and corporate projects and launched a range of our own solutions, including those that were designed for mobile devices. We run projects across various industries: IT, logistics, commerce, healthcare, taxi business, etc. We developed a management system for web products (CMS/CRM) as well as a range of web services, portals and corporate websites.

Web App Development Specifics

Our expertise combined with a robust approach and a custom technology stack significantly enhance a ready-made product.


Custom web application development implies long-term activities involving 300 man-hours and more. At the preliminary stage, we apply business analysis and prototyping, so that time and money spent meet your expectations.

Preliminary stages in details:

  1. We begin with project data collection and analysis. We mainly focus on your ultimate objectives and end-result expectations.
  2. Our analysts build up a list of web application usage scenarios as well as a set of user stories, personae and flow charts for a future product.
  3. After that, we develop an application prototype in the form of an interactive interface. Such an approach enables us to display an interface before the development stage begins.
  4. Prototyping is an effective way to test a concept and build a common understanding of web app functionality among project participants. View a web app prototype example.
  5. Alternatively, we can use an interactive prototype and test it on a small number of users, so that we can evaluate web app commercial potential before the development process starts.
  6. As a result of the preliminary stage, we decide whether we need to revise a concept and update a UI prototype, or get down to custom web application development.
  7. We can also bring all the above-mentioned data into a single document (software requirements specification).

Once preliminary stages are successfully completed, we get started with interface development. It can be implemented through a number of methodologies: waterfall model, Agile or hybrid development. Each of them has its pros and cons (development methodologies comparison).


For client-side (or front-end) web development, we use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery as well as React or Meteor Blaze.

For server-side (or back-end) web applications development, we employ the following technology stacks:

  1. Advanced approach is based on Isomorphic JavaScript covering Meteor JS and mongoDB. It is a relatively young framework with powerful features and advantages to satisfy developers and fulfill application capacity.
  2. Traditional approach is based on widespread technologies: PHP and MySQL.

This range of tools help us create cross-platform web apps that flawlessly operate on mobile devices and PCs.

What Apps are ideals for us?

We are a team of 11 specialists. Applications with a capacity of 300-3000 man-hours work fine for us.

What else do you need to know?

When web development is over, it doesn’t mean that our work here is done. Other way round, it is when major action begins. We are passionate about our projects and are eager to contribute to their upgrowth.

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